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Current Number of Friends and Neighbors Who Own This Co-op!
“Swine & Wine” Owner Drive Goal
Owners Left To Go
We are almost there! Help us reach our goal – become an owner today!

Summer is here!

Summer is here and the growing season is in full swing. You can find locally grown produce from your favorite family farms every week at Silverton Food Co-op inside Live Local Marketplace (107 N Water St, Silverton). You’ll also find many other products from our neighboring family farms and small businesses to fill your pantry, freezer and refrigerator. Come on down to get a glimpse of what your community-owned food co-op can offer as we continue to grow towards our permanent home and our own store. By becoming an owner of SFC today, you can get us closer to making that happen! Join us today!

We’re open Wednesday through Saturday from 10AM to 6PM and now open Sundays from 10AM to 4PM.

“Swine & Wine” Owner Drive

30 Owners in 30 Days

It’s owner drive time! We need a boost of ownership to help us get closer to opening that store we all dream about. With our Farm 2 Table Dinner, “Swine & Wine” coming up this September, we thought it would be great to give away a couple tickets to our wonderful group of owners!

So, here’s the challenge: IF we get 30 owners over the next 30 days (July 17 – August 15), we will give away two tickets to one lucky owner! That’s a $150 value for an amazing dinner, prepared by incredible local chefs, using ingredients from local farms. Paired with Franchere wine and Seven Brides Brewing beer, I’m not sure it gets any better than that.

Join us today and help us continue to build a community with shared values around a strong local food system, healthy friends and neighbors and a vibrant local economy!

It’s A Farm 2 Table Dinner!

We’ve been planning this one for a while.  We are so excited to announce our first SFC Farm 2 Table Dinner in Town Square Park!

This year’s theme is Swine & Wine. We’re serving up a four-course, pork-inspired meal prepared with local ingredients by local chefs. Featuring delicious sustainably raised and grown food from Fisher Ridge Farm, Forest Meadow Farm, Gardenripe, Diggin’ Roots and more. Each course will be paired with wine from Franchere Wine Company and beer from Seven Brides Brewing. Dessert and appetizers are included as well. All of this enjoyed in the beautiful setting of Town Square Park and accompanied with music from Friends of Music. What a night!

Tickets are $75/each and available July 1st at Live Local Marketplace and Stamen & Pistil. You can also purchase tickets at the Silverton Farmer’s Market on July 1st from 9-1. All proceeds go to help continue the work on bringing our amazing food co-op to life and closer to our brick and mortar store! 

We hope to see you there!

Prepared by local chefs:

Join us at our next event

“Cooperatives empower their members and strengthen communities. They promote food security and enhance opportunities for small agricultural producers. They are better tuned to local needs and better positioned to serve as engines of local growth.”

~Ban Ki-moon

“Founded on the principles of private initiative, entrepreneurship and self-employment, underpinned by the values of democracy, equality and solidarity, the co-operative movement can help pave the way to a more just and inclusive economic order.”

~Kofi Annan

“Cooperatives are the foundation of world peace. They are the love principle in action. Whether we like it or not, there is no other way but cooperatives”.

~Toyohiko Kagawa


The Silverton Food Co-op’s mission is to be a community-owned grocery store that provides convenient access to a variety of locally raised or produced foods and other products and to foster a healthy and economically viable environment for our farmers and our community.

We are committed to acting cooperatively. We encourage each owner to contribute to and participate in all activities we undertake as a cooperative. We support other co-ops and cooperative efforts and educate our owners and our community about consumer issues and the cooperative movement.

The co-op will be owned by the community. Yes—YOU will be able to own the grocery store you shop at. And, not only can you own a share of the store, that share will give you an equal voice in the democratic process of the store.



We are the Co-op

A co-op owner profile with Shayla Lynn, owner 9.


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Silverton Food Co-op will be a community-owned grocery store—that means if you join, you own it!

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