A co-op owner profile of Samantha, DJ and Maddie MacIntyre, owner 91.

Why did you join the co-op? We joined the co-op because when we moved here from Seattle, we were surprised by the limited access to local products in Silverton even though we are surrounded by farms. Living with a chef, food plays a dominate role in our household and we are passionate about supporting such an important investment in our community.

What is something that you love about Silverton? I love the feeling of coming home from work and driving into Silverton. It seems like it’s own little world. It is obvious that so many others love this town too. I have never been in a friendlier place where so many volunteer their time and energy to civic and community development.

What is your favorite vegetable? My favorite vegetables are French breakfast radishes. My dad grows them and they are an amazing addition to just about anything.