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Our Mission

The Silverton Food Co-op’s mission is to be a community-owned grocery store that provides convenient access to a variety of locally raised or produced foods and other products and to foster a healthy and economically viable environment for our farmers and our community.

We are committed to acting cooperatively. We encourage each owner to contribute to and participate in all activities we undertake as a cooperative. We support other co-ops and cooperative efforts and educate our owners and our community about consumer issues and the cooperative movement.

Our Owners

Being an owner of the Silverton Food Co-op gives you the opportunity to join your friends and neighbors in building a community-owned and democratically controlled economic institution that serves the owners and the greater community.

Co-op owners are helping to build a business that brings integrity to the marketplace; a company that is responsive to and operates with the consumers’ interests at heart, while providing the community with good jobs and good, healthy, local food.


Cooperative Council

JASON CODNERCouncil Member
I moved to Silverton in 2008 because of the vibrant and engaged community I found here. We are so fortunate in the Willamette Valley to have such amazing local farms and farmers. Building a market that supports them and providing the educational resources so we, as consumers, can make the best choices as to what we put on our tables, is the first step in strengthening our local food system. I joined the SFC in October of 2014 so I could help make that happen!

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My husband Val and I moved to Silverton in August of 2014. One of our first friends in Silverton was a farmer, Stacy Higby, and within a few months she had talked me into joining the council of Silverton Food Co-op. I am owner #1 and serve in both the secretary and treasurer roles on the council. I am a newcomer to Silverton, but a lifetime fan of family farms. I grew up in the Central Valley of California and have witnessed firsthand what the unchecked growth of factory farms and monoculture can do to communities and the environment. I am devoted to fostering opportunities for independent farms and businesses to thrive in the uniquely rich and beautiful Willamette Valley.
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RALPH FISHERCouncil Member
As a local farmer, I have a deep connection to the land. My family’s farm, Fisher Ridge Farm, is located approximately 15 minutes east of Salem in the Cascade foothills. My great-great grandfather settled in this area in the 1870s, and my family has been farming the land and raising livestock for the past 135 years. My grandfather, Eric, raised chickens to carry the family through the Great Depression in the 1930s. Currently, we farm cattle and hogs. My wife and I raised four children on the farm, and we have two young grandchildren that we hope to share the family farming tradition with. A food co-op will help support our local farmers, allowing their farmilies to farm for many years to come.
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KATIE MILLERCouncil Member
A lifelong resident of the Silverton area, with deep roots here, I grow vegetables for market on a small sustainable farmstead in the Victor Point area where we have lived for over 25 years. Excited about the vision for a food co-op, I became a founding owner in March 2015. I love Silverton, and I am passionate about food. I believe that local, healthy food from a surrounding patchwork of vibrant, verdant farms is key to our strong and resilient community.
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WHITNEY ULVENCo-op Photographer
I am a mother of three, wife of 15 years, and professional photographer. I wake up grateful everyday to be living life on a farm that has been in my husband’s family for over 50 years. Being passionate about mindful eating and knowing where our food is sourced, our family has recently embarked on the adventure of raising our own livestock and growing a large part of nourishment here on our farm. We want our children to grow up appreciating the food we grow and bounty of amazing food provided to us by so many local farms. Excited about a place where we can get access to so many locally sourced products and support local farmers, I am looking forward to contributing where I can to a organization so in line with my beliefs.
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Silverton Food Co-op will be a community-owned grocery store—that means if you join, you own it!

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