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As the Silverton Food Co-op works towards opening the doors of a brick and mortar store, it will move through three distinct and important stages of development: 1) Organizing, 2(a) Feasibility, 2(b) Planning, 3(a) Pre-construction, and 3(b & c) Construction and Opening Prep. Currently, the co-op is in the first stage of development.

Stage 1  – Organizing

0 to 300 owners

  • Begin to organize and recruit volunteers
  • Conduct shopper survey to determine shopper needs
  • Incorporate the organization
  • From interim co-op council and finalize bylaws
  • Set-up financial and record-keeping systems
  • Start ownership drive

Stage 2 (a) – Feasibility

300 – 500 owners

  • Establish feasibility committee and explore the site options
  • Set-up owner loan committee
  • Set-up finance committee and develop capital plan
  • Conduct feasibility study
  • Develop business plan

Stage 2 (b) – Planning

500 – 700 owners

  • Find real estate agent and plan to hire a general manager
  • Complete site analysis and secure store location
  • Recruit new owners based on store location
  • Finalize business plan and owner loan compaign
  • Analyze supplier options

Stage 3 (a) – Pre-construction

700 – 900 owners

  • Recruit new owners based on store location
  • Secure external funding and launch owner loan campaign
  • Finalize plans for store design and renovations

Stage 3 (b & c) – Construction & Opening Prep

900 – 1000+ owners

  • Finalize budget
  • Work with the general manager to hire and train staff
  • Order and install equipment inventory
  • Open the store