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Farmers & Producers

Silverton Food Co-op will directly impact our local food system. Because we are locally-owned and operated, the decisions we make when sourcing our food is made at the store level. This puts us at an advantage and works to remove the obstacles that conventional grocers face in their restrained and centralized ordering system. Larger grocers require predictability and high production in their food growers. Small farming can be unpredictable by nature, and because most small-scale agriculture is owned and operated by families, production often will not meet the needs of conventional grocers. We are working one-on-one with our local farms and small producers to establish mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships that keep prices fair for growers and consumers alike. Working together, our community of farmers, producers and consumers will build a stronger, more resilient, local food system. 


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Did you know?

The average food co-op purchases from 51 local farms and 106 local product producers. In contrast, the average conventional grocer works with 65 local farmers and food producers.

The average conventional grocer sources less than 6% of its food purchases from local farms and producers. The average food co-op purchases almost 20% of its products locally. 

Check out this video from National Cooperative Grocers about the special relationships between food co-ops and local farms.