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Jason Codner
Jason CodnerPresident
We live in a special place. Our family moved to Silverton in 2008 and we quickly realized how fortunate we are to be surrounded by an abundance of amazing food, farms and people. When I heard there was interest in starting a food co-op in town, I jumped at the opportunity to help in any way I could. A food co-op is so much more than a grocery store. As an owner of two other co-ops, I know the benefits and impact they have on the communities they serve. Not to mention all the food my family loves. So, in Silverton, we need convenient access to this food that surrounds us and the farmers need a market that values their dedication and hard work. Owning a share in SFC is a small but powerful way to ensure my community is set for the future and my kids will always have an awesome place to call home!
Kalia Miller
Kalia MillerVice-President
I am a Silverton native but have stayed in the area because of the life of our community. I get so excited about good, pure, and simple food and I am so blessed to be in an area surrounded by beautiful farms. When I meet someone new to the area I am always asking them their favorite vegetable to grow/eat and want to swap recipes and ideas about where to get the best ingredients (food nerd). I joined the committee in 2017 because I wanted to use my skills and input to help materialize a market that brings the local farmer to the local community in a way that is sustainable economically and educationally. I want to be enable people to appreciate the journey and craftsmanship of the products they buy.
Whitney Ulven
Whitney UlvenTreasurer
I am a mother of three, wife of 15 years, and professional photographer. I wake up grateful everyday to be living life on a farm that has been in my husband’s family for over 50 years. Being passionate about mindful eating and knowing where our food is sourced, our family has recently embarked on the adventure of raising our own livestock and growing a large part of nourishment here on our farm. We want our children to grow up appreciating the food we grow and bounty of amazing food provided to us by so many local farms. Excited about a place where we can get access to so many locally sourced products and support local farmers, I am looking forward to contributing where I can to a organization so in line with my beliefs.
Julia Knudsen
Julia KnudsenSecretary
I am a wife, mother, farmer and engineer. Our family came to the Silverton area in 2013 to start a farm where we could grow nutritious food, make delicious cider, and experience the joy of living off the land. Growing up in the country outside of Corvallis, my husband and I knew what it was like to be raised in a small town community and we knew we wanted the same for our children. Becoming an owner in the co-op was a way to invest in our new area and show our support for local food resiliency. The passion and spirit that the people of Silverton have for the community is inspiring and we can’t wait for the co-op to be a place we can all be proud of and enjoy together.
Katie Miller
Katie MillerBoard Director
A lifelong resident of the Silverton area, with deep roots here, I grow vegetables for market on a small sustainable farmstead in the Victor Point area where we have lived for over 25 years. Excited about the vision for a food co-op, I became a founding owner in March 2015. I love Silverton, and I am passionate about food. I believe that local, healthy food from a surrounding patchwork of vibrant, verdant farms is key to our strong and resilient community.
Marc van Anda
Marc van AndaBoard Director
Silverton is a great place for a food co-op. People here share a strong civic spirit and an interest in growing, eating, and having year-round access to real food. We moved to Silverton to live closer to our son’s family and join this community. For the last 7 years I have been working as a paralegal for a law firm focused on litigation on behalf of consumers and employees. For 20 years before that I was a worker-owner of a co-op bicycle shop where I held positions as bookkeeper, buyer, mechanic, and board member. A consumer co-op can be a great business model for selling groceries, and I believe it can drive economic development in Silverton and the surrounding area. I joined the Co-op in July 2017, and I started volunteering in November when I learned the board needed help improving it’s new-owner processing procedures. The board invited me to join them this spring, and I hope to use my small business and co-op experience to help open the doors to a really cool community-owned grocery store. When I’m not working or updating Co-op spreadsheets, I can be found digging in the garden or riding my bike.