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Co-op Ownership

Co-op Ownership price is $150

Full Share Purchase

Payment Plan is $15/month for 10 months

Payment Plan

Silverton Food Co-op Ownership

Join your friends and neighbors and become a member-owner of Silverton Food Co-op by purchasing a share of common stock in the Co-op. Your investment now will help open the store sooner! Choose a purchase option: one-time $150 full share purchase or 10-month payment-plan share purchase, $15/month.

Read the applicant statement below carefully before making this investment.

Applicant’s Statement: By completing this form and making a payment I am applying to be an owner of Silverton Food Co-op. I understand that purchasing a full share of common stock, or agreeing to a payment plan and making regular monthly payments toward the purchase of a share, entitles me to membership rights in the Co-op including the right to vote and to receive patronage dividends and other member benefits. I understand my membership rights are exclusive to me and cannot be transferred to others, with the exception that other members of my household may shop at the Co-op under my ownership account.

I am a consumer interested in buying the products offered by Silverton Food Co-op and I agree to patronize the Co-op on a regular basis. I agree to abide by the Co-op’s bylaws (posted at the website I agree to receive Co-op notices by email, and I agree to keep the Co-op informed of my current email address.

I understand that that I am purchasing a non-dividend-earning share of common stock in a corporation, which will be used for initial capital, start-up expenditures, and other capital needs of the store. I understand that this investment is subject to risks inherent in any business and that I may lose some or all of this investment.