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Everyone is welcome to join us for our Volunteer Orientation. Our co-op is powered by volunteers and we’d love you to join the team. In these sessions, you’ll learn the foundation of our cooperative, why we work so hard to recruit new owners and how that all fits into our timeline to open. We are so close to meeting our benchmarks for owners. We have some exciting events coming up, but we need you to help make them successful.

There are volunteer positions available from one hour on up. Tag team with a friend, make new friends, be part of something big for our community. We promise to make it fun, purposeful, and rewarding!

We’ll give you all the information and tools you need! So, come meet fellow owners, board members, and future owners and share food, drink, and laughter with us! We have set aside three different dates and times, so choose the one that best meets your schedule.

We will also be calling to chat with you because we like the personal communication with you.

Remember the African Proverb that says ‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. We’re going far and we want you to be apart of it.

A big THANK YOU to Holland Collision for hosting events. We’ll see you there!